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How to Find Your Ring Size at Home

One of my most frequently asked questions is, "How do I find my ring size?"


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Ring sizing can be so tricky. I always recommend, above all other options, to pop into your local jewelry store to get sized professionally. This should quick (less than 5 minutes) and free, and will result in the most accurate measurement.

If that's not an option, you can order an affordable ring sizer online, like this one. It's a one time purchase, and then you'll always be able to measure your fingers and order rings confidently. When measuring, make sure that you don't mix up 6's and 9's (it's a common and easy mistake, and would be so disappointing to buy a ring that's 3 sizes too big or small). 

If you choose to get professionally sized, or order a sizer to use at home, I recommend measuring in the morning to get the most accurate size. Don't measure your fingers on a super hot day, especially if you've been out walking around. Fingers swell in heat and humidity, so that can lead to an inaccurate measurement, and a ring that's loose on most days. You also want to be mindful of the ring you are planning to order. Thick ring bands will require a larger size, as they will fit more snug, while thinner ring bands will fit more true to size. Most Stray rings have thin bands, so they will fit true to size. 

If you have a ring that fits perfectly, and you want to match its size, you can use this print-at-home guide to measure your ring. Simply print it out, and lay your ring on top of the circles to find the right fit. Make sure to match a ruler to the ruler on the chart, to make sure the measurements will be accurate. If it is between two of the circles, order a half size (i.e. 6.5 if you're between a 6 and a 7). When in doubt, err on the smaller side. It's an easy fix to stretch a ring half a size larger, whereas making a ring smaller is much trickier, and sometimes not possible. I recommend only using the top portion of the print-at-home-guide (shown below). The bottom portion that you can cut out to wrap around your finger will not be accurate. 


print at home ring size chart


If you have any questions at all about sizing, please reach out by contacting us here.

Now that you know your ring size, you can confidently order a badass new ring for yourself! Click on the photos below to view some of our favorites! 

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Gateway Ring Set

Labradorite Ascension Ring Set

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Onyx Ascension Ring Set

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Opal Mini Portal Ring

Black Onyx Portal Ring



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