What Customers Are

  • A Beauty

    This ring is one of my favorites of all time! Starting with the quality of the packaging, the presentation, the choice of stones is insanely good, and her vision is one of a kind that is from a true artist! You will not regret owning a piece of her gorgeous jewelry. It’s true quality work from a very talented person. I want one of each!


  • Absolutely Powerful

    This is my 5th piece from Julie. This necklace is extremely powerful. It sits at the base of my neck and I couple it with my Durga Goddess necklace and it radiates. Julie’s work will help you be more of the light in the room. I absolutely love it.


  • In Love

    I was so delighted by my first ring purchase from Stray Jewelry (the opal mini portal ring) that I just had to add another to the collection. This set is stunning, majestic and powerful! I typically wear them stacked together like they are in the photo, but it’s fun to sometimes wear these pieces alone or mix and match with other rings. I get a lot of joy from seeing this on my finger, and it makes a great companion to my mini portal ring. In addition to designing some really fantastic and unique jewelry, Julie is a lovely person to buy from!


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Discover Your Inner Power

What we choose to adorn ourselves on the outside enhances and transforms how we feel on the inside. Adornment has the ability to make us feel empowered, emboldened, and like the best version of ourselves.


Labradorite Wadjet Necklace

Named after the Egyptian Goddess of Protection, Wadjet, this necklace was designed to evoke a sense of protection, power and ancient feminine energy.