I’m Julie, the maker and designer behind Stray Jewelry. 

I fell in love with metal smithing the first day of school at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. I was signed up to be a painting major, and after the first day of my metals class, I called my advisor and switched majors. I had found my medium. I work intuitively to create designs that feel simultaneously like ancient relics and futuristic talismans. I’m Inspired by themes of magic, mystery, space and multi-dimensions, each piece is designed and crafted with empowerment in mind. 

I believe that jewelry has the power to make you feel the most powerful version of yourself. I created Stray Jewelry so I could help others feel confident to step into their power, embrace their unique expression and live boldly and authentically. 

Have you ever felt the transformative power of adornment? How when you put on your favorite ring or necklace, you instantly feel more empowered, more embodied, and more like yourself? That feeling that what you wear can influence how you feel and how you move throughout the day.


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