Silver Portal Ring

My Everyday Essential Piece

silver portal ring, ancient cosmic statement ring

If you're like me, you might go through phases with your jewelry. There's that one piece of jewelry that you can't stop wearing.. it's your everyday go to for a while, then it rotates to another piece. I certainly cycle through my favorites, but the one piece that never leaves the rotation is my Silver Portal Ring.


It's my essential everyday power ring. I always put my Portal Ring on first, then build from there. Even if I don't wear any other jewelry, I know the Portal Ring will add a bold, maximalist look and elevate my outfit. It's effortless, feeling both like an ancient relic and a futuristic talisman. The playful negative space references the contrast of our inner and outer worlds, and how they intermingle.



If you're looking for your everyday, go to piece to amplify your look, with one effortless statement piece, then you're going to love the Silver Portal Ring. 



 Click here to get your Portal Ring.

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