Discover the Portal Collection

Discover the Portal Collection

How we choose to adorn ourselves on the outside enhances and transforms how we feel on the inside. Adornment has the ability to make us feel empowered, emboldened, and ideally, like the best version of ourselves.
The Portal Collection is inspired by the intermingling of our inner and outer worlds, and how the two intersect and shape our daily experiences. The thoughtful use of negative space references the interplay between the inner and outer, and creates dimension and a sense of endless possibilities. 
A mix of bold, statement pieces, and daintier, everyday pieces, every piece in the collection was created to stand powerfully on their own or layer together. All hand fabricated out of sterling silver, 14k gold fill, black onyx and labradorite.
labradorite ascension ring set

Labradorite Ascension Ring Set

One of the most exciting new styles is the 3-in-1 Ring Set. This style is made up of two rings, that can be worn on their own, or stack together to create a bold, layered and dimensional look. Labradorite is said to enhance creativity, intuition and spiritual awareness. Labradorite is unique in that it varies drastically in color and opacity, each stone is unique, making each ring one of a kind. 


black onyx ascension ring set


Onyx Ascension Ring Set

Black onyx is known for its grounding and protective qualities, promoting inner strength and serenity. Set in a 14k gold fill bezel, the dark stone has a mysterious, moody quality, and the mixed metals create a luxurious yet edgy look. This set is made up of the Black Onyx Ascension Ring and the Gateway Ring. Wear each on their own, or stack together to create a bold yet wearable, dimensional look. 


black onyx portal ring


Black Onyx Portal Ring

The original Portal Ring is one of my favorite, essential everyday pieces, a bestseller, and is what inspired this collection. This version of The Portal Ring features a gorgeous, faceted, black onyx triangle in the center, set in a 14k gold fill bezel. This is the ultimate badass, stand in your power and be fearlessly you, ring.


starseed black onyx silver necklace 


Starseed Necklace

I love a big, bold, statement piece. But lately, I've been wanting to add some refined, daintier pieces to my rotation. Enter the Starseed Necklace. It's simple and understated, with a clean and modern, yet galactic vibe. Hand fabricated out of sterling silver, with an 8mm black onyx gemstone in the center, this necklace looks like it was plucked from the cosmos. Perfect for layering or pairs perfectly with the Starseed Studs


gatekeeper black onyx silver necklace


Gatekeeper Necklace

Every collection needs a couple statement pieces. Those pieces that start a conversation and command attention. Along with the Black Onyx Portal Ring, this necklace is that show stopping piece. When you want to feel most in your power, and channel deep, dark feminine energy and strength, this is your necklace. All sterling silver, with a large, 15mm faceted black onyx gemstone, this necklace will make you feel as regal and divine as you are. 


gateway ring sterling silver stacker ring

Gateway Ring

The Gateway Ring draws inspiration from an entryway, a symbol of limitless possibilities. I wanted the design to feel like an ancient, yet galactic archway that one could walk through or dive right in to a work of potential. Fabricated entirely of sterling silver, this ring is lovely on its own, or stacked together to create the Gateway Ring Set

Into the void black onyx and silver hoop earrings

Into The Void Hoops

Inspired by the original Portal Ring, these earrings are a mix between a hoop and a dangly earring. A little bit of both! The design is meant to represent endless possibilities, and a sense of jumping into the unknown. It's always a scary leap, but who knows what magic awaits you! Hand fabricated out of sterling silver, including the hand forged ear hooks, then adorned with faceted, 8mm black onyx gemstones. These earrings are simple, yet have a mystical edge to them. One of my new favorites! 


I have been working on this collection for the past 4 months. There have been so many late nights, countless hours at the bench and behind my computer, and a whole lot of experiments that went straight into the recycling bin. I'm so excited that all that hard work and trust in the process has paid off, and the collection has come to fruition. I know several of these pieces have already been added to my daily jewelry rotation. I hope this work resonates with you, and you find something you love.  

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